WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

Cold weather: great for fashion, not so great for our soon to be chapped lips. Unfortunately, the cold season does not change the fact that it is scientifically impossible to   predict the weather forecast here.  Ever.

There is one thing we can always anticipate. It will always be cold. We will soon deal with lake-effect frigidness daily.

Rockwell Hall is located at the very edge of campus, which means long walks. If I’ve learned anything from my roommate, a third year merchandising major, it’s that walking twenty minutes at 7:30 a.m. during this time of year to get to your class is the absolute worst. The best thing we can do is to always be prepared.

Our Fashionista does a great job of creating an ensemble that is easily attainable, consisting of items many of us already own.

Quite noticeably, the coat of early fall was the army jacket. As the temperatures drop, the outerwear piece that everyone will reach for is a close relative to the army jacket: the insulated, fur-trim hooded parka! Easily found at various stores at your local mall (think Hollister or Forever 21), this style of outerwear pairs as well with jeans as it does with a dress and tights. A smart alternative to black, navy blue seems to be a rising color as the new year approaches.

I know I’ve had Fashionistas with dark berry booties featured in previous posts, and I apologize sincerely if you are all sick of them by now. In my book, they’re the must-have booties of the season. The color is playful and feminine, and the overall fashion of the boot leans towards a utilitarian look. You can bet they’re the first thing on my wish list (after textbook money, obviously)!

The one friend you absolutely NEED to make in college? The crafter. Starting around this time of year, she’ll take up the winter pastime of knitting. By December, she’ll be in such a knitting frenzy that she knits everyone a gift. That’s where you, the friend, come in! A knitted scarf is sentimental, unique and one of the warmest accessories you’ll ever own. Plus, they look so chic when paired with a parka!

Braids are a  (semi) simple hairstyle that are never worn enough. I have no clue why, they’re really multi-purpose. You can go from a day of classes to a holiday party in a cinch. While every other girl is haphazardly attempting to put a beanie over her carefully done ballerina bun, you won’t have that problem. If you’re skilled enough to recreate this Fashionista’s fishtail braid, I say do it!

One Simple Change: One problem may girls have with tote bags is their subconscious need to fill it to the brim of useless things. Unless you’re an odd exception, heavy bulky totes aren’t the best accessory for a day of adventuring. For a weekend excursion, try a medium sized wristlet, such as this one from Coach that I’ve been eyeing for a few months now.



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