WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

Winter hasn’t hesitated one bit to roll in with full force. Sure, there is no snow on the ground quite yet; nevertheless, the cold front has kicked into gear. People from warmer states may think that in places like Wisconsin we have it all down—that we are so used to the cold and we all live in igloos. How about that we have fluffy eskimo jackets and moon boots? Or better yet, we make porridge every day because we live like our heater is broken. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Even us, all the way up in Wisconsin, are not used to the cold. I have lived here for the 22 years am nowhere close to enjoying the cold. I say let it snow a few times, preferably around Christmas with hopes that it won’t stick for too long. Can you blame me? We have a 25-minute walking span campus!

This is exactly why, come the early months of winter, we should be dressing more like this Fashionista. With a pair of generic black legging yoga pants, anything goes. This Fashionista is wearing the well-known warmers—a flannel along with a wrap-around scarf. The accented colors on this Fashionista’s look lay great on top of the black bottoms. To top it off, she is wearing a pair of troopa boots. In these cold winter months you think, ah ha, UGGs. However, you have the opportunity to change it up a bit and go the trendy route this Fashionista has taken.

These combat boots are the new fad. I feel like everywhere I look, I see someone rocking this unique accessory.  These boots are specifically a great buy and wear because of their olden day grungy look. Steve Madden has done a stupendous job creating a “journey” feel to these boots. You can also try a gray, olive green or black pair for alternates. Regardless, step out of the cold weather to grab a pair of these combat boots and join the fashion statement. They look great with every ensemble and will give your look a new edge since they are not a pair of salt-faded warm winter shoes.

Try to deal with the cold weather like us Wisconsinites do and go on a journey with a hot drink in hand.

Check out how to recreate this look with eBay here. My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT

One Simple Change: Switch out the outfit for a dress and tights to have the perfect trendy look for a night on the town!


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