WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

I know I shouldn’t be complaining, since I’m writing this sitting on the grass with the sun blinding my eyes, but it’s starting to get quite cold in San Luis Obispo! You can totally tell who’s from the Northern part of California and Southern based on their outfits during these early winter months. The people from up north are casually walking around with light sweaters and some are even breaking a sweat on their way to class, while my fellow Southern Californians and I are bundled up in our North Face jackets and gloves, wishing for summer to come already.

This Fashionista was standing in line at Starbucks when I spotted her wearing one of my favorite winter items, the shearling coat. I’ll let you decide which part of California she’s from. The shearling coat is definitely a must-have for winter fashion. The sheepskin fabric has taken over leather jackets, bomber jackets,and even shoes like the famous Uggs that we all adore. Since it isn’t below freezing point here, this Fashionista simply wore a black tank top under her coat, which she paired with her blue corduroys. She colorfully decorated the rest of her outfit with tribal print boots and feather earrings completing her boho chic look. Dressing up for cold weather doesn’t simply have to be a hefty jacket and jeans, add accessories to your outfit to make your cold weather outfit a fashionable one. Simply adding a winter item like a circle scarf, a knitted headband or even an oversized beanie can complete your entire outfit with these accessories.

ONE SIMPLE CHANGE: When going out with your friends on a cold night, put on your favorite party dress and keep yourself warm with the adorable shearling coat.


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