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As college students, we all know the pain that comes from hearing the first ring of your alarm clock in the morning. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably had those days where you hit the snooze button one too many times. But whether you’re running late or right on time, sometimes getting ready for class can be a stressful situation.

At a university full of oversized T-shirts and workout shorts, it’s always refreshing to see someone balance the line of being fully put together, but also casual enough for a day of classes. I spotted this Fashionista wearing one of my favorite pieces lately: the chambray shirt. As she demonstrates, the chambray shirt is the perfect piece for layering and happens to make a great substitute for a cardigan. With the weather slowly starting to warm up here in Oxford, it’s always nice to be able to layer with something that’s a little thinner than a jacket, yet still in style. Chambrays are great to throw on over almost any outfit. Take a note from this Fashionista and pair yours with a casual striped T-shirt.

Another trend I’ve been starting to notice more and more on campus is the use of cross-body and messenger bags, in replacement of the standard backpack. Maybe it’s because of the rise in digital books, that students don’t necessarily have a heavy load to carry around anymore, and therefore the need for bulky backpacks is starting to fade. But whatever the reason, I give it two thumbs up. Not only do these bags have just enough space as a regular backpack, but they’re also much more attractive to the eye.

One Simple Change: The colored skinny jeans paired are great for class, but trade them in for a bright jersey skirt and you have yourself a fun weekend outfit!


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