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Class. It is the reason we all go to college. It is the thing that we dread if it starts too early. It is also one of the best showcases of style, and often times it varies depending on where one attends school. At some schools, it is common to walk into a classroom and see the majority of girls in Nike running shorts and tennis shoes paired with the ever classic and always comfortable oversized T-shirt. I have nothing against this look as I have worn it more times than I can count.

However, I also love walking into a classroom and noticing that the range of style is as wide as the selection of classes that students have to choose from each semester. There are girls is dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, tank tops, blouses and just about everything in between. Formality ranges from T-shirts to blazers, and each student puts their own spin on their look. One of the most common questions to ask when dressing for class involves finding a balance between stylish and comfortable.

Many students think that you have to choose comfort or you have to choose stylish. However, there are ways to accomplish a fashion forward ensemble that does not compromise comfort. This Fashionista balances the two perfectly. She begins with a magenta toned tunic from Free People, which maintains of comfortable feel while still portraying a unique style. The synched waist of the tunic acts as a great detail as it shows off her shape. I also love the open back to this tunic because it adds a unique detail while also making the tunic functional in any season. She then couples this top with a pair of dark skinny jeans that she has cuffed in order to show off her colored vintage shoes from Etsy that complement the pattern of the tunic perfectly.

When thinking of comfort, some people shy away from jeans because they find them binding. If this is you, then there is always the option of leggings. A pair of black leggings would have worked well with this look as well. You can also do what I did and find a pair of jeggings. Personally I think they were one of the best purchases I ever made, as they are just as comfortable as leggings, while still maintaining the fashionable texture of denim.

One of my favorite parts of this Fashionista’s look are the accessories. She ties a blue scarf and wears it as a headband. Although the color varies from the rest of her outfit, it adds a unique and personal touch to the look. The headband is also complemented by the blue earrings, which display gold elephants. This Fashionista also displays a plethora of bracelets, anklets and rings that bring all the varying colors in her look together.

One Simple Change: Swap the jeans with a pair of leggings and maybe add a sweater for the perfect outfit to meet with a study group or go to the library.


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