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When some people attend class, they look as if they had just rolled out of bed and are half asleep. Personally, I do not agree with these sort of customs, because you pay a lot of money to go to college, so I think you should at least look a little bit presentable for learning. This Fashionisto hit the nail on the head with the perfect comfy, yet cool combo you need for class.

He instills a certain comfort within his outfit whilst keeping a cool, stylish vibe. Since it has just recently snowed (in March!) the other day, he stays warm by adding layers under his sweater. The patterns on each of these layers are what sets this outfit apart from all of the others. After I had asked him if I could take his picture, the different textures are what he specifically pointed out for me to photograph. He told me the vast difference in the textures pull the whole look together.

When putting outfits together, texture and pattern are very important in the creative process. They help to create a certain feel (pun intended) to the specific look that you are trying to achieve. This Fashionisto created a look using texture instead of color, and the final product turned out to be incredibly cool. His leather shoes and jeans sum up the entirety of the look from top to bottom.

One Simple Change: If it is a warm enough day, ditch the top button-up and sweater and add a cool T-shirt, like this Biggie shirt from Urban Outfitters and you have a cool rock-ish outfit to wear to a concert!


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