What to Wear

Only with the first week of class under our belts the semester already seems to be monotonous. Late nights and early morning classes usually mean you roll out of bed and if you are feeling lively enough you will actually change your clothes. However, every day does not have to be this way. A trick that I use to make myself excited to go to class is to lie out the outfit I want to wear the following day the night before. Now this may remind you a little too much of when your mother would choose your clothes for you, but trust me it does the trick. If your outfit is already laid out prior to waking up all you have to do is throw on some makeup and brush your hair.

With long days of classes and meetings with professors, it is key to wear something that is comfortable. The go-to bottoms for most college women are leggings because they are comfortable and if worn appropriately are quite stylish. With the cold days still lingering, sweaters are always a good option as well because they offer warmth when layered. Now leggings and a sweater sounds quite boring and not the outfit you want to jump out of bed for in the morning, but current trends like a sweater with elbow detailing or accessories allow the outfit to transform. A winter accessory that is almost a necessity when attending school in Iowa City is a scarf. Big patterned scarves are a huge hit this season as well as infinity scarves. Finally, to pull your outfit together, throw on a pair of your comfiest riding boots or combat boots and you are ready to tackle class!

One Simple Change: When meeting with a professor, you must look presentable. Switch out the leggings for a pair of dark wash skinny jeans so you don’t appear lazy or unprofessional.


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