What to Wear

The beginning of second semester here on Denison’s campus is in full swing, and what question is on the mind of every Fashionista up here on the hill? “What do I wear to class?” It is the dreaded decision everyone has to make in the morning before classes. Whether you have the frighting 8:30 a.m. class or are fortunate to have a class that does not drag you out of bed before 10 a.m., dressing for class always takes time out of your morning routine.

Fear not Fashionistas, as the solution on what to wear class is an easy one. Choose an outfit that will be able to give you comfort in all of your daily activities such as meetings, errands and of course those long hours spent studying away. When it comes to dressing for class comfort is key, and when I say comfort I do not mean sweatpants. Try and pick an outfit that has a sense of professionalism while still staying true to your style. Also, keep in mind the long daily schedule of us college students.

I spotted this Fashionista in class and I could not stop admiring her olive green anorak jacket. This is the ultimate jacket for just throwing on before leaving the room because it goes with almost everything and is the perfect go-to item.

Next, she has a blouse in a solid color that can easily be paired with different washes of denim, black jeans or leggings when needed. By choosing a top like this Fashionista with gold studs on the collar, it is easy to make a statement with fewer accessories. Like this Fashionista has chosen, lace-up booties are the perfect shoe to be worn for a full day of shuffling from class to class and from meeting to meeting. Dressing for class is easy when a few simple pieces are put together.

One Simple Change: When meeting with your professor to let them know that you take his or her class as seriously as your look, throw on a blazer over the blouse for a more professional look.


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