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Winter break is over. I am sure most of you missed overdosing on caffeine during those late nights of nonstop studying… can you read my sarcasm? One thing that I definitely did miss was checking out the outfits of my classmates.

Back in high school, the perfect “back to school” outfit was one that was carefully planned a day or two in advance. Now that we are now in college, we definitely do not have the time to invest as much time as we did back in the day. Comfort is a top priority. But if you think that choosing comfort means you have to leave glamour behind, you are completely wrong, my friend.

This week’s Fashionisto stepped into spring semester wearing a pink jacket, ripped jeans and high top shoes. How hard is it to put an edgy outfit together like this one? Not at all. You just need to free your creative mind and go with the flow.

This Fashionisto’s choice of colors and accessories added an edge to his late winter/early spring look; perfect for a day in class!  The black Coach high top shoes and ripped jeans add a fierce look to the overall outfit. I personally like this Fashionisto’s combination of soft and dark colors because they portray the ending of a cold winter and start to a warm spring. Tucson’s weather has been surprisingly cold so it is always smart to carry a scarf around. Also, keeping in mind that the weather can randomly change from cold to warm (oh, bipolar Tucson), it is safe to wear a short-sleeved shirt under a jacket. Adding or removing layers is always better than being too cold or hot for the rest of the day. Discomfort will distract you from those interesting class lectures that you all love so much.

Going to class, you want to have your school materials handy. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first week of classes since most professors decide to start lecturing during syllabus week. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared! I have noticed that more and more students are replacing their backpacks with book bags. Book bags are a lot more spacious and they can be pretty stylish as well. This Fashionisto carried a gray book bag that matched his outfit. Being a neutral color, this bag will pretty much go with any outfit. Either way, color matching is not a must; matching styles is always best.

For those of you that aren’t really into pink or pastels (seriously, you should try it out at least once), you can always go for a black smooth plain jacket that will go with pretty much anything.

One Simple Change: Going to a fancy restaurant for dinner with your family? Simply switch the ripped jeans with a pair of sleek, fitted black pants and high tops with black dress shoes.


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