WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

What to Wear

Our first WHAT TO WEAR is a Jersey native Fashionisto. You will hardly ever see him without his vegan leather Dr. Marten combat boots. They are chic and practical for the cold winter season. This Fashionisto is taking his girlfriend out for their last date before she heads back to school. Let’s see what he chooses for his casual date night!

In this outfit, this Fashionisto goes for a grunge look. He combines a simple black jacket with a dark teal V-neck sweater from Gap. This V-neck sweater is perfectly combined with his faded out gray Urban Outfitters corduroys. These corduroys are so versatile and can essentially work with any brighter shade of blue, green or even purple! However this blue-eyed Fashionisto definitely chose the right V-neck sweater and corduroys combo.

Personally I do not own any corduroys but they are definitely a type of pant worth buying, especially during the winter season. Check out stores like Urban Outfitters, Gap and J.Crew. Urban Outfitters claims them as one of their top 10 fall trends! Even though fall has past, these pants are timeless fashionable piece.

One Simple Change: If you want to dress up this outfit a little more, definitely switching up the black jacket for a peacoat would do the trick. Also underneath the V-neck sweater, a Fashionisto may want to layer a plaid shirt and maybe even add a tie or bowtie! Just a few additions to this outfit and you can go from casual to fancy. Like this Fashionisto shows us, whatever you wear on your date, always wear colors to enhance your features — in his case, his blue eyes.


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