WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

What to Wear

I’m just going to jump into this and say that dates plus the word “casual” makes for a stressful combination. It’s human nature to worry over the little things like conversation and making the right impression. Most of all, its perfectly fine to stand in your closet and freak out over the perfect outfit for the occasion. It’s normal. We all do it.

So where am I going with this? Well, since finding the perfect outfit is always a hassle for any occasion, I am offering my guidance. You see, even though stressing is normal, it’s very avoidable. Adding more to the already impending emotional roller coaster that is quickly approaching won’t help. Don’t worry what the person thinks of you. They are going out with you right? Then that means that they already like you. There, half your worrying was for nothing. You could probably show up in an old shirt and your favorite jeans from three years ago; your date will most likely not notice right off the bat because the thought “they really showed up” is fresh in their minds. But you won’t show up like that. No of course you won’t. I won’t allow it.

This Fashionista took the idea of a casual date and made it simple. The whole idea is not about showing off your most stylish looks to impress. It’s about your looks mimicking your emotions. You want to look comfortable and cute. Her mid-thigh length lace dress catches your attention with its bright color and flowy bottom. The length is perfect for her long legs and she looks adorable, am I right? Her bow accented ballerina flats are a wonderful match as they keep everything feeling casually cute with an undertone of comfort.  Big purses are overwhelming and when you are going on a date, you don’t want to look like a bag lady carrying her life across her shoulder. She added a floral clutch to give a sweet completion to the look.

One Simple Change: Switching flats to sandals gives an even chiller vibe. Add a lightweight cardigan or denim vest. By changing the clutch to a backpack purse and accessorizing with your favorite shades, this look will be perfect for a shopping adventure!


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