WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

What to Wear

Everyone knows the struggles of finding the right outfit for a date. We go though outfit after outfit, ripping our closets apart, until we finally just settle for the one. You don’t want to look like you tried too hard, yet you don’t want to come off as absolutely careless. Looking casual for a date can be extremely hard because it is easy to overdress for the occasion. So, how can you look cute, trendy and flirty and most importantly, comfortable?

This Fashionista sure knows how to do it! She centers her look around a maxi dress, which can be flirty, fun and also show off the figure, but not too much for the first few dates! The maxi dress gives this look a feminine touch that is not too formal due to the playful design on the front. This Fashionista ties the bottom of the dress into a knot (to show a little more leg) and adds a baggy cardigan to give it a relaxed feel. She plays it up with a pop of color to make it stand out and make it more fun. The cardigan gives it the perfect amount of comfort. When you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, you will be comfortable in yourself, which can ease your nerves on a date. In contrast to the dress, I found it interesting that she was wearing black low top Converse. They work great because this is what really plays down the outfit and shows that she isn’t afraid to show a less girly side of herself.  This is perfect for a coffee date because, come on, who really wants to wear a pair of Jimmy Choo heels to get a cup of espresso?

The jewelry added to this outfit is very simple and laid back. This was an excellent choice because otherwise it would be entirely over done. The statement necklace adds a little something extra to the outfit, without taking you away from the look completely. It makes each garment of the outfit flow nicely as well. The bedazzled handbag gives her a bold, edgy look to let everyone know that even though she is casual and comfortable, she is ready to standout. This Fashionista is ready to rock her coffee date!

One Simple Change:  Sick of stressing over looking your best for a date? Add a pair of wedges and swap the cardigan out for a bright colored, cropped bolero jacket and you are ready for a fun, stress-free girls’ night out!


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