WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

What to Wear

The  famous writer and poet Oscar Wilde once said, “You can never be overdressed or over-educated.” I could not agree more. There is that old saying that “You learn something new everyday,” and in college, chances are you are learning more than one thing each day. One of the things you might learn is what type of clothing is appropriate to wear to a specific event. For example, at High Point University, girls quickly learn not to wear flip-flops when it’s raining because chances are that you will slip on the steps that run throughout campus. After learning this valuable lesson, girls immediately go to the trendy Hunter Boots that are seen around every corner as soon as a drop of rain falls.

Many of these fashion tips simply stem from experience. On the other hand, there can be occasions were there is a wide range of suitable options. One of these occasions is a casual date night. Depending on what the date might entail, one should dress accordingly. If there is a set agenda for the date, it makes the task of getting ready a little easier. However, if you are headed out to the classic dinner and a movie or, even better, a surprise date, the options can be endless, and the fear of over and under dressing can begin to consume your mind.

This is where Oscar Wilde comes into play. In most cases, it is better to overdress than underdress. If one overdresses, they can always tweak their look to make it seem more casual, whereas if one is underdressed it is all but too late. This Fashionista exemplifies an ideal look for a casual date as she takes a spring dress and adds an element to make it perfect for any agenda. Her dress is perfect as it begins with a simple white top that could easily be taken as a white shirt that one wears on a regular basis. The dress then flows into a fun stripe pattern in coral and navy. Some Fashionistas may shy away from wearing a dress because it might come off as overdressed. However, this Fashionista adds brown riding boots to give her look a more casual feel.

She continues this process of styling her outfit down by using simple accessories. Many girls on college campuses are seen with hair ties around their wrist. I for one am never seen without them. Not only do they make her look seem casual, but they also are there if she feels the need to put her hair up when going on an adventurous date. Her necklace and classic earrings finish off her outfit that would look great no matter where she’s headed.

One Simple Change: Swap the riding boots for a pair of navy flats and this look would be perfect for an interview or a fun night with friends.


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