WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

What to Wear

Despite its relaxed connotations, the casual date is actually far more difficult to dress for than a fancy date. Within the realm of fancy wear, one can easily throw on the foolproof dress, heels and a blazer. When one is in the casual date territory, however, finding a balance between sexy and relaxed can be a challenge.

This Fashionista masters it perfectly whilst coffee date bound. Her look is basic yet unique and sexy. The slim black jeans and shirt keep the look streamlined and not too casual, the monochrome making her appear even more tall and slim. Her black heels add to this appearance while still appearing casual due to their low height. Her blue and white check shirt gives the look an artsy casual vibe. Tucked in at the front, her baggy shirt still hints at a killer body without directly pointing to it like an overly tight shirt would. Although her shirt and all black pieces are integral components of this Fashionista’s look, her accessories truly make the ensemble unique. Her long handmade African earrings add personality to her classic look, drawing the eye upwards. Her boyfriend watch achieves the same air, all the while making sure she is on time for her date.

Achieving a look like this Fashionista’s is easy — and once mastered, can become a versatile casual date uniform. Finding a monochrome base is the first step to replicating this Fashionista’s look. Although wearing black on black is usually the easiest option, one could also opt for a white shirt, jeans and shoes with a button-up shirt. In regards to shoes, these from Cole Haan are a great option due to their stylish look, low height and comfortable Nike air technology. The most difficult piece to find for this look is the button-up shirt. Shirts with a relaxed fit — without being too baggy are key. Shirts from Madewell usually fit these criteria perfectly. Accessory wise, don’t be afraid to be adventurous. Fair trade African earrings like this Fashionista’s are not only beautiful, but they’re also easy to find online and reasonably priced. For watches, ASOS also offers plenty of cheap options that will compliment the look perfectly.

One Simple Change: Did the date become fancier at the last minute? If so, swap the shirt for a black blazer, and the jeans for colored leather pants.


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