WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

What to Wear

The struggle of finding the perfect outfit for a casual date has been a problem for Fashionistas for centuries. I really think the difficulty starts with the word “casual”; everyone seems to have a different definition. So when searching through your closet for the perfect look, it is usually hard to decide which pieces are too dressy and which are a little too laid back. Although I tend to agree with Oscar Wilde when he says, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated,” finding an outfit that is a perfect balance of comfortable and stylish is still a must. But leave those date outfit worries in the back of your closet; this Fashionista shows you how to create a fabulous and casual date night look.

She sports an adorable red chiffon dress which she styles with a black, military-inspired sweater. The simple, girly style of the dress is an adorable date night staple; the red color is perfect for stirring up some flirtiness. And the black military jacket is a perfect way to make the dress appear comfortable and casual. She then pairs the military look of her jacket with sweater-lined combat boots. When creating a casual look, your favorite pair of sturdy boots is a great way to balance out the fanciness of any dress. Together, the two military-inspired pieces create a perfect casual look for a fun night out.

Although I absolutely adore this Fashionista’s cute and simple date night apparel, a true emphasis should be placed on her use of accessories. First, her gray sparkly tights add the perfect touch of femininity to her military look without looking overdone. When choosing tights, leggings or pretty much anything that covers your legs, it is easy to go overboard with bright patterns and shiny details. However, adding some sparkle to plain or basic pieces is a great way to add some personality to your look and your date. For jewelry, she wears a gorgeous pink stone pendant and matching quartz ring. Just like the addition of the tights, the sparkle of her jewelry helps brighten her ensemble with a little touch of her personal style. And then to top off the look with some more military-inspired masculinity, she wears an adorable studded headband. Altogether, her look gives off the perfect balance of casual and cute; date-night approved!

One Simple Change: As the end of the semester nears (less than two months), final projects and presentations may begin to be assigned. As the deadlines near, finding a perfect outfit that is appropriate and stylish is a necessity. Exchange the sparkly tights for a simple black pair and throw on your favorite black flats. You will be presentation ready!


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