WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

What to Wear

Thank goodness it’s 2014 and the notion of men wearing floral and pink is not considered ultra feminine and taboo. Fun fact, pink and botanical motifs were extremely fashion-forward for French men’s suits in the 18th century. It wasn’t just Marie Antoinette wearing rosy hues and embroidered blossoms! Men wore it loud and proud and I guess we’ve finally caught up again! Especially for spring, prints and pinks are definitely unisex.

There are so many great things about unisex trends that make it perfect for a casual date. Wearing prints and pinks says to your date, “Hey, I’m bold enough to try trends, wear flowers and if this date goes well you’re welcome to borrow this paisley sweatshirt down the line.” A relationship where you can borrow from his closet? Count me in!

Let’s not get over our heads though. Crafting a look with several prints will have you looking like you blindly chose items out of your closet if you don’t have a game plan. I suggest taking cues from multiple angles. Getting inspired by gardens or arboretums, Gauguin’s paintings of Tahiti and the Fashionisto I stumbled on this week could help make mixing prints easier.

To me, this Fashionisto’s mixing of prints and a pop of magenta is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to look overboard. Someone on a casual date wants to impress not overwhelm. It’s important to translate the extreme trends on the runway to work well on campus. For their spring 2014 collections Givenchy and Prada both had their guys walking down the catwalk in gutsy head-to-toe prints. That might be a bit much in a college town for a casual date.

For the university version of the print on print look, try picking one color and decorate the outfit with different prints and fabrics a bit at a time, like this Fashionisto. He stuck with black denim Levi’s and a black jacket but had socks with personality, a printed crewneck sweatshirt, polka dotted magenta button-down and a scarf with crosses. It’s the perfect amount of mixing without over doing it.

I also liked the denim and leather backpack, which added dimension with its different texture and fabrics. The same goes for his suede/felt gray shoes. It added flair without taking away from the prints.

One Simple Change: To get on the same playing field as the Givenchy models, perhaps  vacation somewhere swankier than State College (Milan, anyone?) trade the black Levi’s in for bold printed joggers.


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