WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

What to Wear

Finding the perfect medium between too fancy and too casual isn’t easy. There’s also the problem with searching for the balance of your style and your significant other’s style. There is no doubt that there is a huge difference between dressing for your girlfriends and dressing for your boyfriend. My boyfriend can only see the fur vest in my closet and pet it so many times before I get the hint. This Fashionista finds that balance for a perfect casual date night. It’s comfortable for the unpredictable Chicago weather with layers, but still girly with a dress and tights.

Her striped top adds personality and texture to the denim A-line dress. I loved her style because instead of adding a sweater over the sleeveless dress, she went with something different. I’m not an American Apparel enthusiast because a lot of their clothing is just so plain and overpriced but they do have great body suits, like this one. You can layer dresses, full skirts, high-waist shorts or pants over them and they come in a ton of different colors. Some of them are pretty low cut, but with a scarf or sheer top layered on top would make it more appropriate for casual settings.

Her shoes are perfect with this outfit. Like mixing lace and leather, the thick cut-off boots look perfect with girly dresses. It gives the whole outfit an edgy look, but doesn’t push the limit so your date isn’t searching for piercings on your face. If colors are not your thing, go for a plain, chunky construction boot like these ones, but always pair them with tight pants or leggings!

One Simple Change: For a summer day, wear the denim dress with bare legs and strappy sandals like these. Finish off the outfit with your natural hair, a dainty headband and bright pink lipstick.


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