WHAT TO WEAR: Career Fair

What to Wear

‘Tis the season for college career fairs, the time of year when crowds of students gather together in hopes of landing a job that will launch themselves into a working world post-graduation. For those of you unfamiliar with how a career fair works, they’re basically a convention, where many employers and recruiters set up information booths that draw in prospective job seekers and give them the opportunity to exchange resumes or have a quick conversation. A career fair can be an advantageous platform when searching for the perfect job to jumpstart your career, you just have to be able to execute correctly. Part of that execution is in the way you dress.

Many times I’ve been to career fairs at my school and seen my peers dressing a little too desperate in hopes to impress their potential employers through their outfits with shirts cut too low, dresses worn too short and heels worn too high. The wrong outfit can cause a distraction that might hurt your chances at snagging an interview with a company you seemed to really like and hit it off with.

What caught my eye when I saw this Fashionista is how she effortlessly put together an outfit that allowed her personal style to come through, yet still appropriate. It’s important to make sure your personality and resume are the star of the show, not your outfit. Take a tip from this simple yet chic winter-ready Fashionista and throw on a pair of tights to exemplify your modest approach to a potential employer, and layer with a printed scarf. It’s enough to stay trendy while remaining casual. Complete the career fair look with a pair of stylish flats, such as this Fashionista’s Dolce Vita Killian flats.  Wearing flats will take away worries of tripping in your platforms and shift your focus to what’s more important, your future career!

One Simple Change: College is a busy time for us all, but it doesn’t mean we have to waste time in the closet changing for every occasion. Keep a few pieces of  jewelry in your purse or bag, and transform this career fair look into an outfit to wear out to dinner with friends. Tie the scarf around your purse’s handles and throw on a statement necklace to make your look a little less casual and slightly more fun. It may not be necessary to impress the recruiter with your accessories, but it’s totally okay to show it off to friends.


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