WHAT TO WEAR: Career Fair


Career fairs can be exciting experiences and also full of opportunities. If you happened to meet someone important like the CEO of your favorite company, wouldn’t you want to look your absolute best? I know it would help to  leave your mark, so remember that at your next career fair.

This Fashionista has the right idea. Her look is simple but the statement jacket leaves its impression! If you need some tips for looking great at your career fair keep reading! Start by choosing a simple black pant like she did. Keep your top a neutral color, because you only need one statement piece as to not look super flashy. In this case it is the woven tweed jacket that brings attention to the look. A simple lace black top goes perfect under the jacket. Shoes during a career fair should be polished and comfortable. After all you will be doing a lot of walking around talking to people, so put on some fresh white converse or other flats to brighten up your look. For accessories, you would be surprised how a simple necklace can change your outfits mood! This pretty key necklace sends a sweet message. So go for something simple but appealing, that will add just enough spice to your outfit. Now that you look amazing go rock that career fair, and make some important connections!

One Simple Change: Now that the career fair is over and you hopefully met some people who helped you gain insight on you’re future, you’re ready to go out with the girls. Exchange those tights for a fun cut white skirt. Then go out and have some fun!



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