WHAT TO WEAR: Career Fair

What to Wear

Lots of important people wearing important clothes carrying important files— a career fair can be kind of intimidating. There’s always that small panic before meeting someone who could potentially determine your future. Fashionistas, fear not. Dressing nicely for a career fair is actually quite simple. Try to keep it clean and classy without looking too overdressed! Work the business casual.

The Fashionista above looks ready. She wears a blue collared striped shirt tucked nicely beneath a V-neck sweater. The crisp collar and sleeves are shown. The shirt gives off a professional vibe, but the blue sweater has a casual air with lighter stripes running along the buttons. There shouldn’t have to be many vertical stripes for it to be slimming. Even one or two stripes running downward elongate the upper body.

In general, I’m a big fan of blue. Blue is a neutral color that everyone likes. Career fairs aren’t exactly the time to get flashy. Solid tones, such as white, black and blue appear more professional. You’re trying to show off your resume, not your style, gosh!

She finishes with a pair of jeans that make the outfit appear less formal. Tucked into black boots, the outfit looks simple but solid. I personally prefer knee-high boots for casual events, like a dinner or a party. Ankle-length shoes work just fine for a career fair.

One Simple Change: Swap out the collared shirt for a tank top to go to brunch. It’ll eliminate the business part of the business casual.


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