WHAT TO WEAR: Career Fair

What to Wear

College is the time to make new friends, pull all-nighters and find a job. As much fun as college may be and as much as we may never want to leave, finding a job after it’s all said and done is important. Luckily, most college students have the opportunity to participate in career fairs, where they can network with different companies and people. Figuring out what to wear can be difficult, but this Fashionisto can help you dress to impress.

Your outfit should be like your résumé: professional, put together and detailed. This Fashionisto hit the mark. He chose a pair of tan dress pants that give off a professional vibe. Dress pants in a neutral color, think tan, gray, navy or black, are a necessity of a business wardrobe. He paired his dress pants with a silver button-down shirt. Button-downs are great for career fairs, allowing you to show off your sophisticated side. His gray, black and white tie complements his shirt, perfect for meeting with possible employers. The details are what brings this look together. A dark belt and black dress shoes complete his look and give off a professional, more serious vibe. His watch says that he values punctuality, which is characteristic many employers are looking for; invest in a nice watch that says you value your time, as well as theirs.

Preparing your résumé may be difficult, but planning your outfit shouldn’t be. Stick to classic pieces for a look that is professional and put together, perfect for your school’s next career fair.

One Simple Change: This look is professional and can easily be transitioned from career fair to job interview by adding a suit coat or sports jacket.


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