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As some of you might begin to be noticing, college winter break is a bit longer than the break you had during high school. One of the best things to do to get through this long break is to meet up with a group of friends for brunch! I think it is so fabulous when I see a group of girls get dressed up just because they’re hanging out with each other. I love seeing colored jeans paired with a simple sheer top.

I had to stop this Fashionista in the mist of her running to get her card from her car for brunch. She looked as if she was not only ready to get brunch but even enjoy shopping around downtown. I was immediately drawn to the color of her jeans. What I’ve learned about colored jeans is it’s extremely important to find the perfect style and color for your body type and skin tone. She chose burgundy, which looks great with her fair skin and brown hair and is still a trendy color. The skinny jeans looked great on her legs and perfect with her black, blousy top. Her chunky silver necklace and silver bangles were prefect accessories to complete her ensemble.

As this break continues, remember to call up a group of friends and make a brunch date. Make sure you have the perfect colored jeans nearby that you can easily wear to brunch or if you and your friends decide to go out later!

One Simple Change: This black top she has is a perfect match with these jeans and is perfect for brunch. Instead, try pairing an oversized cream sweater with these burgundy jeans to meet with a study group, you’ll look cute and be comfy!


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