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Hello fabulous readers, ever wonder what is appropriate to wear out with your parents or out with your friends? Does the location matter? Of course it matters, everything matters. The group of friends, the weather, the place, the food, everything matters and that is why this WHAT TO WEAR article is about “Brunch with Friends”. With so much time now on everyone’s plate due to summer, catching up with friends over yummy dishes is exactly what everyone should be planning soon. Along with planning this event, take into consideration this Fashionista’s outfit to plan yours.

I love having brunch with friends. Brunch with family is awesome too, but I think I like brunch with friends a little more because it is definitely more liberal and loud. This week’s Fashionista put the WHAT in WHAT TO WEAR. Her color combination in this fun outfit stood out to me like a sore thumb. Yellow is such a bright energetic color and this Fashionista’s shirt was nothing other than fun and outgoing, not to mention a touch of flirty with her ruffled sleeves. Vibrant colored blouses are must haves this summer, it makes any outfit POP out in color, making you the spotlight of it all.

This Fashionista paired her fun blouse with some detailed, printed shorts. The detailing on her shorts had a black and white color scheme, pairing amazingly with her yellow top. Looking for shorts to pair with a solid color top is my favorite; not only are we directing the main focus to the bottom but it also spices things up a bit from the normal solid color bottom and colorful top duo. I personally love this look, as I mentioned in my STYLE GURU BIO, I am all in for fun, colorful bottoms.

This Fashionista knew how to carefully pick out her shoe color. Wearing sandals with this outfit completes this summer look. This nude color sandals allowed this Fashionista to keep her outfit’s main focus upwards without calling too much attention to her shoes. I am a personal fan of nude-colored shoes, this outfit would have also worked with some gold accessories or even some light gold colored sandals to keep outfit sanding out.

One Simple Change:  If your brunch calls for a more sophisticated look switch the shorts out for some cropped pants. Just by adding some length, these cropped pants will have you ready for any other summer social event.


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