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Brunch may not be the most important meal of the day, but it can be the chicest. You don’t have to dress as classy as you would for a dinner date but also not as casual as you would for a coffee date. It’s the time of day where dressy and casual intersect; you have the freedom to wear and combine pieces from both ends of the spectrum. But due to the expansion of choices, it can be tricky to find the perfect outfit to suit the circumstances of your engagement. More choices can lead to more problems. In the morning, there are those of us who are often caught in a staring contest with our closets trying to decide whether jeans and a blouse is too uninspired of a look for a lunch date at an up-and-coming restaurant or attempting to understand exactly how much is too much. You never want to be overdressed or underdressed; a mistake like this can make your entire brunch date quite awkward.

This Fashionista must have breezed through the staring contest with her closet. She looks brilliant, wearing the perfect outfit for a brunch date in the city. From her ombre hair to the cut out booties gracing her feet, she maintains a perfect balance of casual and sophisticated. She contrasted a clean cut light blue blazer with heavily distressed boyfriend jeans and black cut out ankle boots. The character in this outfit is fueled by the accessories and smaller details. She completes her ensemble with meticulously applied periwinkle colored eyeliner, staying true to the dominant theme of her getup. The soft hues of blue and the color mix statement necklace are very appropriate for the late spring transition period we’re currently in.

Tackle this Fashionista’s mastered look by taking a little walk on the fearless side and take some risks. Brunch is the perfect time to showcase your styling abilities. Most restaurants that serve brunch do not have a stiff dress code; this gives you some freedom to style your pieces the way you see fit. The ball is in your court; how do you plan on taking that ball of opportunity?

One Simple Change: Take this look from day to night by exchanging the bottoms for black fitted trousers. to add color variation trade in the black shirt for one that stands out among the black and hues of blue and finally, swap the cut out booties for some charming heels. This outfit can easily translate from a fun ensemble for a lunch date to one perfect for a night on the town. A good blazer with the perfect fit is a staple in any closet and can add a dash of confidence to your entire look regardless of the occasion.


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