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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for most college students they never seem to have enough time except to chug a cup of coffee. Personally, breakfast is not favorite meal either, but I do love brunch. Only during the weekends do I seem to have enough time to eat breakfast and it’s usually the afternoon, at a diner with my best friends. Sadly, we all typically arrive at the diner in sweats. Brunch should be a time to show off a great outfit and catch up with friends while sipping mimosas (if you are over 21). This Fashionista had the perfect spring brunch outfit on that is sure to make all your friends jealous.

The Fashionista was spotted wearing a basic black tank and a pair of pink jeans. First, I absolutely love pink and black as a color combination. The two colors play off each other in fun, yet classy way. Next, colored jeans are a trend that every Fashionista should try. This Fashionista chose a great pink that was the perfect shade for spring when the weather is not skirt or shorts appropriate. If you are looking to try this trend without breaking the bank, try Old Navy to find the right shade to match your personality. To dress up the plainness of her black top, she added a bold statement necklace that was the same color field as her pants. Statement necklaces are the hottest new trend and are easy for anyone to try! I love to search antique shops in the towns around campus to find one-of-a-kind pieces to keep a vintage vibe.

I also really liked how she matched her necklace, pants and nail polish with a very similar shade of pink to add a vintage edge to her outfit. Be sure to check out Essie’s newest collection of nail polish to find a shade to match your next outfit. Finally, she was wearing a pair of strappy white sandals. Now that the weather is constantly warm it is time to splurge on a pair of sandals in a neutral colors. So in the next month, try to make time for a fancier brunch with your best friends. Whether it is a goodbye at the end of the semester, or a welcome home brunch with your friends from home, you will not regret looking your best as you chat and laugh for hours.

One Simple Change: Need an outfit for attending graduation parties? Keep the sandals and necklace while wearing a white dress with a black and pink pattern. You will be comfortable and look summer ready!


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