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For many, brunch has a certain connotation. Images of married couples or rich old ladies eating a fancy midmorning meal and drinking tea tend to come to mind. However, in the experience of a college student, brunch can be one of the best, most relaxing parts of the weekend. Whether it takes place in your dining hall or a restaurant, brunch is a great time to catch up with your girlfriends and recover from a weekend night out.

This Fashionista sports a perfectly laid-back outfit for a morning with her ladies. This knit maxi skirt is amazing because it gives the illusion of being dressed up while still being amazingly comfortable. The flowing fabric is great for a morning when you want to look cute but can’t commit to something as constricting as denim.

Her springy pink top is the perfect thing to lighten up the dark skirt. Though I love a classic all black look, this floaty top is a great choice for a mid-morning outing. The rosy color and loose cut make this Fashionista seem ready for a beautiful spring day.

All that said, what really drew me to this outfit initially is the combination of Converse sneakers and a maxi. These two items paired together, in my opinion, is the perfect match. The juxtaposition of a feminine skirt and the sporty shoe create such an amazingly laid-back yet fashion-forward outfit. Visually interesting combinations like this are what show that someone puts thought into the clothes that they wear and takes pride in their personal style, and this Fashionista nailed it.

One Simple Change: This look can also transition perfectly to running errands later in the afternoon. Add a denim jacket and cross-body purse to get you through your day.


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