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After an infamous night of Thirsty Thursday shenanigans, there truly is nothing better to do on a Friday morning than casually rolling out of bed and devouring the majestically delectable meal that is brunch. Not only is the menu of any brunch venue ridiculously tantalizing, but the meal itself licenses you the right to sleep in past noon. Good food and laziness? I’d say brunch is the quintessential dining option for any college student.

This Fashionista cooks up a perfect concoction of style and comfort for a brunch occasion. The color palette of the look is what first caught my interest; the navy blue and dark magenta offer a vibrant diversion, while the neutral gray peacoat ties the two hues together. Color palette aside, the look also effortlessly combines fashion and function.  The colored stretch denim jeans allow for ease in wearing (and stretch when you reach for a second helping of hash browns) as well a unique alternative to the usual blue denim. The navy blue chiffon blouse with subtle structural enrichment adds a carefree, yet elegant component to the look.

Waking up late means that there is most likely time to throw together an ensemble that is slightly more fashion-forward than the usual getup. So take those extra minutes that are granted on a brunch morning and challenge your inner Fashionista to deliver an outfit that is just as appealing as the breakfast food on your plate.

One Simple Change: Create a presentation-worthy outfit by trading the colored denim for a pair of straight leg black trousers and swapping the brown boots for a pair of black pumps. The trousers and pumps polish up the look, while the translucent top will keep all eyes on you.


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