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Picture this. It’s around 11 a.m., and you’ve been sitting through classes all morning. All of a sudden you hear something rise above the sound of the professor’s lecture — “Gruuuuul.” Uh oh. Your stomach has decided it’s tired of waiting for class to end, and it wants food—now!  Don’t worry, this embarrassing incident has happened to us all. In my experience I’ve found there’s no better fix for the mid-morning munchies than to round up a few friends and head off to brunch!

This Fashionista shows us the perfect outfit to wear for such an occasion. She started off with a long-sleeve white pullover top. Basics like this are great to stock up on since you can build tons of different outfits around them. It’s also convenient to throw on any bottom and know it’ll match your top. This Fashionista chose a beautiful tan skirt from J.Crew, which cinches in at her waist and wonderfully accentuates her figure. It’s definitely appropriate for a brunch, and it’s the perfect length to pair with her tall brown riding boots.

A true Fashionista knows if you’re going to stick with just one accessory it better be a killer one. This proves I’ve discovered a true Fashionista for sure. Her leopard print scarf was the perfect way to add a trendy pattern to her outfit while tying in the browns from her skirt and boots at the same time. This piece is really what transforms the outfit from ‘cute and simple’ to ‘adorable and fierce.’ Who knew one item could do so much? Though I do hope this Fashionista was heading off to a fun brunch with friends, I know she arrived in style no matter where she was going.

One Simple Change: Though her ensemble is perfect brunch attire, it would also be a great choice to wear to a job interview. Simply add a pair of black tights and throw on some basic black heels for a more polished and professional look. 


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