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Whether your idea of a wild weekend is a loud frat party or an all-nighter in the study room, we can all agree that the weekend can take it out of us. Especially with all the studying, final presentations and holiday parties, “busy” does not even begin to describe most of us in the last couple of weeks of the semester. But though you may just want to sleep with any free moment you have, getting up for brunch can be just as useful. When the stress is high, try not to give into the temptation of sleeping until noon on a Sunday and wake up for a late morning meal with your friends. It brings quality time, can be a stress reliever and of course gives you a chance to dress in something cuter than pajamas.

This Fashionista shows a casual and pretty outfit that goes well with the relaxing atmosphere of a brunch. She pairs a feminine floral top with comfortable skinny jeans, perfecting the balance between laid back and girly. Over her top, she wears a lacy black cardigan, which can be great just in case the restaurant you eat at is a little cooler than you were hoping. To finish off her outfit, she wears a pair of brown boots, which look comfortable enough for such a casual, relaxing brunch date. For accessories, she keeps it simple with a classic watch and a headband.

One Simple Change: To dress up the outfit a little more for an internship or a dinner date, switch out the boots for a pair of wedges. You will instantly have a more dressed up outfit.


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