WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

What to Wear

I remember my sixth birthday party like it was yesterday.  I wore a purple velour frock with a lace petticoat underneath, white stockings, white patent leather Mary Janes and, of course, a colorful, pointy birthday hat to top it all off.  I felt like a dainty little princess (aside from the fact that I stuffed my face with cake and had a nice frosting mustache to prove it).  That’s the way every girl should feel on her birthday — like a princess. That means you can wear whatever you want, however you want, without the fear of looking too done up. But what if you’re not the birthday girl today? In my opinion, dressing up for a friend’s birthday party is always a challenge.  Everyone knows the rule of thumb when it comes to choosing an outfit for someone’s birthday party: NEVER out dress the birthday girl.

This week’s Fashionista definitely looked the part of a perfect party guest. She adhered to subtlety, while looking classic enough for a birthday extravaganza. Though the main attraction of her ensemble looks like two separate pieces, it is simply one dress from Urban Outfitters with a sweater like top and a pink pleated skirt. This was an excellent choice for a birthday party. It was subtle enough not to demand the attention of everyone in the room, but still possessed a classy and feminine character. The minimal accessories she chose for her outfit were also a perfect touch to the subtlety she reined true to with in this look. Her sleek gold bracelets accompanied by one pink bracelet provided a modernized element to her otherwise classic ensemble without screaming for attention. Her mint green studs gave a little variety to the nude and pink tones she played with from head to toe.

To finish off the look, this Fashionista opted for a neutral bag and shoe for the birthday party she was attending, which is the best way to make the birthday girl shine on her special day. Her round-toed nude wedges were elegant, but just the correct height as to not tower over everyone and steal the spotlight. Her simple black kate spade bag was a versatile cherry on top, and threw more color variety into her outfit. Though you don’t want to steal the spotlight, you also don’t want to blend into the walls.

The classic pieces this Fashionista chose collectively made for an excellent party guest ensemble. If you emulate the wonderful ideas this Fashionista had for her look, for the next birthday party you attend, the birthday girl will be sure to invite you again for the next 100 years.

One Simple Change: What if the birthday party you were invited to was a more casual birthday brunch? Instead of the round-toed wedges, throw on a pair of flats or sandals to tone down your look even more.


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