WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

What to Wear

Something we all have in common is birthdays. Whether we like it or not, this personal holiday sneaks up on us every year. Some people are all about birthdays and turn them into a weeklong celebration while others forget it’s coming up or keep it as secret as possible. I feel rather indifferent to the whole day but if people want to celebrate it for me and force me to participate, I’m fine with it. For those of you who feel similarly and can live without a tiara and over the top party for your special day, opt for an outfit like today’s Fashionista is wearing for your birthday celebration.

Where this Fashionista played up her look was with her accessories. By keeping her outfit simple with high-waisted blue jeans, a green crop top and a killer leather jacket, her accessories really stood out to me. When it came to the finer details of her look, she went bold with a purple lipstick, big gold hoops, a gold lion necklace, black shades and enviable Nike sneakers.

This Fashionista could go from a laid back daytime celebration to a low-key night out with a few close friends. Her look doesn’t scream, “It’s my birthday!” but it’s playful elements give off a fun vibe. So whether your birthday is around the corner or you have a friend who wants to celebrate, follow in this Fashionista’s very stylish footsteps.

Keep it simple with high-waisted jeans and a cute crop top. Layer with a chic leather jacket and then move onto your accessories. Show a hint of your wild side or spirit animal with an animal themed statement necklace. Complement the necklace with oversized earrings or bracelets. For footwear, keep it comfortable with a sleek pair of metallic sneakers; go for a slip-on pair or high-tops like today’s Fashionista wore. Complete your look with a bold lipstick and you’ll be set for a low key (but still enjoyable) birthday celebration!

One Simple Change: If your birthday plans start of uncomplicated during the day but turn into a girls’ night out, change into a sparkly crop top and wedge sneakers, instead. You’ll still be comfortable and ready to conquer your birthday in style.


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