WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

What to Wear

I don’t know about you, but I like my springtime sunny and warm. There’s nothing like a picnic on the quad or a reason to splurge on a great new pair of sunglasses. For the sake of this post, I will pretend that we have all been living in the spring of my dreams. Unfortunately, New York has been plagued with 50 degree days and pouring rain.

My second semester as a junior has been slammed with 21st birthday parties. If there is a cause for celebration in college, this milestone certainly makes the list! I’ve been looking forward to sunny outdoor parties as opposed to the frostbitten outings my friends and I have been having. Who knew a birthday cake could freeze during transport?

This Fashionista has the perfect look for an outdoor birthday party. The red dress makes her stand out immediately and the cut is very flattering. (Find a similar cut here.) The bit of flare in the skirt is very flirty and the three quarter length sleeves are ideal in case the day gets a little chilly. A long necklace with a funky white design pulls the eye to her trim waist and adds a touch of personality.

I absolutely love the knee socks! They are a bit unexpected for a short dress and the flower pattern is perfect for spring. Coming from a uniform-clad high school, I have a special place in my heart for knee socks. Grab some fun versions here, here and here. The little black booties are practical for romping around in the grass and don’t compete with the knee socks.

I am a firm believer in dresses for all occasions, especially parties! In a look like this, you’re sure to bring the sunshine no matter what the occasion.

One Simple Change: If you’re blessed with an unexpected heat wave, break out the spaghetti straps! You can leave the knee socks at home and rock a pair of cute, patterned Keds instead.


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