WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

What to Wear

Cake, balloons and glitter galore! Birthday season is every season, which means it is more important than ever to be fashion-forward. If it is your birthday, it is your time to shine: be daring and fierce like this Fashionista. Take risks and do not be afraid to be yourself. It is your day to be you and show others what you are all about. If you are a guest attending a party, do not think you are getting off easy. Although you are not the star, there is no reason why your outfit cannot be. Birthday parties are about catching up with old and new friends, so make sure your style represents the way you want to be seen.

If there was ever a Fashionista who took risk, it would be this one. This Fashionista combines bright colors, animal prints and eccentric tights into one cohesive outfit. While this outfit is an obvious risk that is sure to get anyone talking at a birthday party, she still manages to look classy. A smart technique used in this outfit is the combination of light and dark blue. Many people tend to fear combining different shades of color in one outfit because it may clash, but I feel the opposite. In fact, I encourage it. Wearing different shades of the same color in one outfit is visually appealing and different.

Speaking of different, we have to talk about these tights. Believe it or not, cats are becoming a major fashion statement. From Marc Jacobs to Love Culture, cat apparel is flying off the shelves. These tights are a great fashion statement, especially for a birthday party. While they are playful and flirty, they also give off hints about this Fashionista’s personality and serve as the perfect talking point for socializing.

As far as accessories are concerned, this Fashionista keeps it fairly simple. Her shoes should definitely not be underestimated. Shoes can make or break an outfit, especially one as complicated as this. When risk is taken in practically every aspect of the outfit, it is crucial to keep the shoes simple. This Fashionista obviously got the memo. She chose a pair of simple black booties that look effortless with her daring outfit.

Birthday parties are about making a statement. Whether it is your special day or not, birthdays are about being with the people you love the most. So, next time you approach that closet in an attempt to find an outfit, take a risk! Do not care what anyone else thinks and have fun.

One Simple Change: Meeting with a professor? Swap the cats out for a pair of nude tights for a more formal look!


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