TREND: White Go-Go Boots

Guest Blogger

It has been said that our generation merely borrows from the ones that came before, and we have not come up with any trends of our own. This became apparent when '90s fashion came back in style, and then '80s fashion, and now, fashion from the late '60s and early '70s. Why wouldn’t we borrow from past generations, especially considering how cool their trends still are today? The '60s and early '70s are back, and have been for quite some time now. I can’t walk across campus or the Capitol Hill neighborhood these days without seeing some sort of '60s and '70s-influenced clothing and fashion.

I found this Fashionista walking about and enjoying the rare Seattle sunshine. The first thing I noticed were her amazing white floral boots influenced by go-go boots of the '60s! They glowed in the sunshine and I couldn’t help but give her a compliment! White boots are definitely a refreshing addition to any spring outfit. These boots especially are reminiscent of the go-go boot trend of the 1960s, especially when paired with a short dress! Don't know what I speak of? Well this is what I mean! You can also find your very own go-go boots here! This Fashionista wears an adorable and light spring, jean dress. This is a lovely way to incorporate the spring denim trend into your outfit! It is an alternative to the jean jacket and very cute as well. You can get your very own denim dress here! Over her jean dress, this Fashionista rocks a very airy white knit vest. Etsy has an adorable cream knit vest that is also vintage! Here is to hoping that you work the 1960s as well as this Fashionista has! 


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