TREND: Sweet Jacket O’ Mine


When I think of the 1980s, I think of big hair, leg warmers over Barbie pink heels, and a “jazzercise” one piece bodysuit, so when I first saw this Fashionista I did not automatically dub her as the next Blondie. However, after asking her about her fashion icons, I discovered that '80s inspiration is clear in her outfit.

With her vintage reversible jacket–lime green on the outside, and a day-glo pattern on the inside–this Fashionista is all about the '80s. This jacket is one of the more spectacular things I have seen on campus, and although it is vintage, there are many similar jackets (also vintage, to raise your street cred) that you can wear to emulate this Fashionista, such as this floral one. However, if you have a desire to emulate the great Allan Quatermain then this is your jacket. Even if you are not the safari type, do not be shy of animal print; I am a strong believer in the idea that every girl needs a leopard print coat.

If vintage is not your style, and you would prefer to be more uptown about your jacket of choice, consider of these three options.

The Fashionista who Cannot Wait for Spring: With a jacket like this, be sure to stick to a monochromatic color palate for your other articles of clothing.
The All that Glitters is Gold Fashionista:This Ralph Lauren jacket combines a perfect subdued gold and black pattern for the less adventurous, yet still stylish, Fashionista.
The Classic Fashionista: This Burberry jacket has an eye catching pattern, and although the colors are not that bright, the placement of the zipper and the pattern are enough to keep others in awe with your mad (expensive) style.

Even Fashionistos can jump on the patterned jacket band wagon. There are many different types of jackets for the many different types of Fashionistos, so lets examine the top three categories.

The Relatively but not Completely Hardcore Fashionisto: It takes a certain type of person to pull off this jacket, but if you are up to the challenge, I would suggest going for it. If you are really bold, here it is in red. (Plus, with this jacket you can make endless “do you have tickets to the gun show” references.)
The Fashionisto who is Not Afraid of Color: The shock of yellow in this jacket has the same effect a brightly patterned jacket would. And c’mon, it is Burberry.
The Classic Fashionisto: If you happen to have a spare seven hundred dollars lying around, this is certainly a statement jacket.

Remember, even though you are incorporating the 1980s into your outfit, it still is 2011. When completing this look, be mindful of not overdoing the patterns, and make sure you do not incorporate too many colors. 


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