TREND: Nouveau-Hippie Chic


The '70s trend came and went with a psychedelic boom.  We got fast-track fashion trends like fringe, peace signs and hippie-headbands. And, yes, we can still see traces of this groovy movement in some current trends (like the new eco-chic trend), but for the most part the '70s hippie was trumped by '80s neon. But fashion has a way of repeating itself, and while it may be a little early for a resurgence of 1970's trends, it's never a safe thing to count it out. With the 80's boldness slowly declining and making way for fall fashions like military and lace, it may not be so farfetched that a '70s chic could be waiting in the wings. I've seen glimpses of a more subdued hippie-chic style around campus that seems to have less of a "trendy" feel and more incorporated into Fashionistas/os wardrobes.

This Fashionista, for example, is showcasing some very quintessential hippie-chic traits, but adds a very cool and very new spin to the look. The full effect of the outfit does not scream "70s," but rather contains small parts of the trend movement. The hybrid tent-babydoll top is highly reminiscent of the peasant skirt fad seen during the '70s; the silhouette has a tiered construction that uses a really interesting sheer paneling to make this top feel more of-the-now than of-the-then. The minimal and muted color is a great way to create a more subtle look over a full-blown explosion of trends. The black skinnies add a harder edge to the look, and that same feeling is mimicked in her boots. Leather, suede and (dare I say) pleather got huge attention during the '70s revival, with Fashionistas wearing leather boots, suede fringe, etc. The choice of this Fashionista's super-tough dark and slightly metallic boots is a great one because not only does the metallic sheen and antique-silver hardware match an edge in her skinny jeans, but also adds to the overall hardness of the look. And lastly her colorful scarf, while not immediately screams hippie-chic, has subtle elements of a vamped up Missoni print – something that references native geometry and weaving, but adds color twists that give the outfit a lot of life.

Hint: A solid choice for skinny jeans are these BDG Cigarette slims for $49 at Urban Outfitters. For some big and bold boots try these fantastic Sam Edelman knee-highs. And that color-popping scarf may be easy to find these days, yes, but why not stick to a '70s basic with this Missoni slim scarf.


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