TREND: It’s All About the InVestment

Let's Hear it for the Boys

If you ask me to describe my perfect outfit on either a man or a woman, ten times out of ten it will include a great vest. I am a sucker. I firmly believe that vests look great on anyone; they give you shape, class, and style.

This Fashionisto knows what I'm talking about. He's paired his grey button-up vest with black pants, a red button-up shirt, and a great pair of leather winklepickers. He accessorized with a striped cabbie hat for a complete sophisticated gentleman look.

I'm serious when I say vests look great on everyone, especially when they are fitted.  InVest in a piece that will give you some shape; a good vest will always accentuate the waist and fit like a glove. Check out how amazing Amber Riley looks in this denim vest. It accentuates this curvy diva's waist perfectly and gives her great shape. A similar vest can be found here at Wet Seal.  For a more sophisticated look, check out this cute black menswear-esque vest from All Saints. For more inspiration, here's a picture of some celebrities rocking great fitted vests.

Fashionistos, I haven't forgotten about you, after all you were the inspiration for this post. You can never go wrong with a great grey pinstripe vest like the one this Fashionisto is wearing, or this one from Forever 21. Don't be afraid to get funky either. Thrift stores always have great selections of vests. Go wild and experiment with patterns like plaid and even polka dots, or wear a bold color. You can also reverse and wear a great solid neutral colored vest, then add a funky shirt underneath. Take some inspiration from the images in this post, "Mens Fashion Vest."

Hint: There's a wide world of vests out there, so if fitted isn't your thing try a delicate slub vest like this striped one from Forver 21, or inVest in a great cropped denim piece like this one. For the guys, check out this casual double-breasted sweater vest from Forever 21.


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