TREND: Get Jiggy With Your Leggings


It was once again another rainy day but today's Fashionista did not hesitate to dress for the outing. She was very up-to-the-minute with her fashion, sporting a cropped jacket, jeggings (jean leggings), and ankle-high boots. Because of the leather fabric of her jacket and boots, it seemed she was pulling off a rocker-chic, cool look. What I loved about her style was her way of wearing jeggings. As both skinny jeans and leggings have become the most popular items for almost every girl to own, it's no wonder that jeggings were invented. Many said that in the beginning, they weren't used to seeing and wearing jeggings, but soon realized the versatility and stylishness of the item. Because they’re still denim material, you don’t have to cover your butt, but they’re so slim and skin-tight like leggings that you can wear a long sweater or tee, a dress, or just throw a long cardigan over. This week's Fashionista showed a great example on how jeggings can still look very cool with a shirt that's not covering the butt and a cropped jacket. As she finished off with a tote and a pair of boots, you can absolutely see why jeggings can be a perfect replacement when your jeans are in the laundry!

As summer is almost coming to an end, we can tell that leggings and jeans are going to be coming out of the closets now. The fashion trend for Fall 2011 is said to have the 70's back in style, with the wide leg pants and long pleated skirts. However, I don't think anyone can deny the fact that leggings are still one of the most comfortable piece of clothing to wear on campus. Now that leggings come out in very distinct shapes and sizes, they have become one of the fashionable items now. From tie-dye leggings to sheer print ones, you can style them up with just about any type of outfit to any kind of event.

Hint:  If you're looking for more than just leggings, check out this site and you'll find a bunch of fashionable legwears. As fall is coming near, try styling up differently- instead of your everyday jeans go buy a pair of exotic stockings or leggings. This website also has some cute and stylish leggings for you Fashionistas out there.



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