Style Guru Bio: Sarah Wasilak

Style Guru Bio

I’m Sarah Wasilak and this is my fourth semester as a NYU CollegeFashionista Style Guru. Being that I live in New York, I’m immersed in a fashion paradise every time I walk down the street, and there’s no better way to capture it than to create an archive on this site. Taking street style photos of the fervent Fashionista/os who roam the city has become my passion, if not my obsession, and writing about their sartorial choices happens to be my dream job.

In my opinion, fashion is a form of expression inspired by anything or anyone around you. I’m always captivated by the unique ensembles students flaunt on campus, inspiring me to develop my own distinctive flair. I’m currently obsessed with the androgynous look. I’ve been stocking up on Peter Pan collars, flat boots, oxfords, blazers and stripes. In other words, I’m infatuated with the Boy by Band of Outsiders pre-fall collection. I love vintage, so I’m always hunting for new pieces in thrift stores such as Cure and Beacon’s closet. However, I also shop H&M, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

I hope to one day write for a magazine, so I absorb and obsess over Nylon’s every feature, and I read all of my favorite fashion blogs on a daily basis. I also have my own blog, Don’t You Love, where my friend Dani and I write about music, poetry, TV and, of course, fashion. But my greatest ideas arise from NYC’s Fashionista/os. So as long as they continue to wander, I’ll continue to write.


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