Style Guru Bio: Lauren Liles

Style Guru Bio

Hey y'all, I'm Lauren Liles and I am way excited to be posting as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru this semester! This is my first year to be able to actually call myself a CollegeFashionista as a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. Through these next four years in Austin I hope to work towards my goal of working in the fashion industry! I may be a Public Relations major, but that isn't going to limit me from experimenting in everything style related. Trust me, I hope to be able to work in every aspect of the industry.

I've always been obsessed with human's natural outlets for expression, such as singing, dancing, musicianship, artistry and especially style. Obviously not everyone has rhythm or can sing perfectly in tune, but it truly is a necessity for people to express themselves through these things, and I absolutely love spotting people who do it through their choice in clothing.

The way I dress has obviously evolved with trends on trends on trends being introduced through glossy mags and leaving just as quickly as they came, but I'd like to say I've figured out the base of my style to be “glamorous, indie rock and roll” like The Killers' song (who happen to be one of my favorite bands, by the way). Granted, there are days that I find myself channeling a sassy hip hop diva or even a cheeky 1950s housewife. The joy of playing dress up every day of my life happens to be my favorite thing about the art of dressing. That makes me even MORE excited since I'll be scouting and reporting on the trends in accessories sported by students in Austin. Accessories can make or break the outfit and even transform it from urban to suburban!

Living here will be such a blessing in my search for inspiring twists and takes on jewelry, bags and shoes. I can't wait to share what keeps Austin weird with all of you!


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