Style Guru Bio: Lauren Brown

Style Guru Bio

My name is Lauren Brown and I am a junior at Rutgers University double majoring in Journalism and Art History. I plan to pursue a career writing for print, preferably for an outstanding fashion magazine so I can run around a big city in an outrageous pair of go-go boots on zero hours of sleep while trying to meet my deadlines. 

My interest in fashion stems mostly from my obsession with magazines. Instead of flipping through TV channels, I prefer to flip through the glossy pages of Nylon or GQ. I love how the spreads in fashion magazines tell a story through accessible clothing. For instance, while a photographer may create a crazy storybook setting, the model is still wearing something that can inspire the reader's everyday wardrobe. 

I'm heavily influenced by two decades; the '60s and the '90s. I go crazy for the clean cuts, geometric patterns and bold color that dominated the fashion scene in the '60s. The stylist for Mad Men does a perfect job recreating that put-together look that almost all of the housewives and working women of that time seemed to possess. There's a reason why girls still obsess over Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly — their style is timeless. The '90s was another incredible decade for fashion, mainly because all of the iconic celebrities shared the same wild imagination. Remember when Gwen Stefani would tie her blue hair up in crazy buns? Or when the Spice Girls made sure whatever shoes they had on were elevated six inches off the ground by a crazy platform heel? 

On most days you can catch me in a mix of bold colors, chiffon, gold jewlelry and old white T-shirts. I don't have many rules when it comes to my personal style, and sometimes it changes drastically based on a picture I come across or a movie I watch. For example, every time I watch the movie Beetlejuice I feel the need to rock messy hair and black dresses for a week. I'm still searching for the perfect pair of black and white vertically striped pants.

I'm really excited to have the opportunity to share the style of my fellow classmates here at Rutgers. Each year I become more and more impressed by the individual style I see on many of the boys and girls walking around College Ave. There's some really imaginative and creative people hiding out in New Brunswick, and I'm determined to highlight their style on this site. 



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