Style Guru Bio: Harlee Kocen

Style Guru Bio

My inspiration for getting into fashion in the first place is my grandma because she always has worn the most fabulous clothing and accessories.  When I was younger I used to dress up in all of her vintage clothing she saved from when she used to work at a high-end department store. When I got older my grandma started to give me the designer clothes she saved up and because of that I started collecting vintage clothes as a hobby.  I love wearing vintage because it is one of a kind and gives you a classic look.  My favorite place to shop at to find real vintage bargains is PollySue’s in Takoma Park, Maryland.  They have everything marked with what time period the piece is from so you know exactly what you are buying.

My outfit in my bio picture is mainly vintage with the skirt being classic Ralph Lauren and the top being an old lingerie slip that I turned into a tank top.  In addition, I love going to thrift stores to see what treasures I can find. The shoes are thirfted from Richmond’s own Rumors boutique, which is one of my favorite places to buy secondhand clothing.  Altogether, wearing secondhand clothing not only gives a unique look to an outfit, but it also saves a lot of money since I, along with many others, am on a college budget.

To add to my extensive collection of clothes, I have also worked at Free People for several years.  Working in retail has definitely given me an acquired taste of what I like and what I do not.  As a result of that I have built up my own personal style over the years mixing different vintage and contemporary pieces.   

In addition with everything else, living in Richmond is also a wonderful place to take style cues from.   Many people are always dressed to impress and have very unique style.  Just being a Fashion major at Virginia Commonwealth University, in my classes alone I am able to get style inspiration from all the people around me.  When I’m not people watching for inspiration, I love to read The Sartorialist and other street style blogs because seeing other peoples personal styles is very fascinating to me. My interests are really reflected in my blog postings so be sure to check them out!


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