Style Guru Bio: Ariana Marsh

Style Guru Bio

Since my first day as a Style Guru back in 2010 my style has evolved astronomically, and I partly attribute the transformation to writing for CollegeFashionista. Seeing and photographing trendsetters on a weekly basis has not only exposed me to the most sartorially daring individuals, but has also showed me that experimentation, risks and even mistakes are what fashion is all about. Now, two years later, I find myself taking elements from my old dance costumes to wear on a daily basis (oh hello there bowler hat!), filling my wardrobe with vintage finds that my mom thinks are the ugliest things ever, and pairing items that logistically just don't go together. Fashion allows anyone to be both and artist and a palette, and, in my opinion, is one of the most gratifying and liberating forms of expression.

Although I have not previously delved much into the world of men's fashion, I look forward to this coming semester as a LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS columnist. I ADORE Miu Miu's menswear inspired F/W 2012 collection, drool over masculine loafer shoes, and find a man that can make a statement with his style 100 times more impressive than a woman who does the same. In men's fashion the standout pieces or cuts are often much more subtle, and I look forward to seeing the creative and unique ways that they are interpreted. I am also looking forward to now having a legitimate reason to give every man that walks past me the once-over. Not gonna lie.

With New York Fashion Week drawing nearer, my favorite season to dress for being almost upon us and my final year as a journalism and French student just weeks away, I am looking forward to seeing what inspiration and chaos this semester will doubtlessly bring, both stylistically and otherwise. 


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