STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Young Professional

Style Advice of the Week

They say you should dress for the profession you aspire to have someday. This Fashionisto is taking that idea and applying it to his everyday wardrobe. I have to say, seeing young men walking around campus wearing outfits such as this one is a nice change of pace. The typical college guy wears khakis, a T-shirt, a hat and Vans—outfits without substance or idea of what their style really is or could be. Some walk around in pants that are too big, and some that are too small. We can all agree that boys are typically more hesitant to try new things when it comes to clothing, but it’s time for a change.

I spotted this Fashionisto in our new College of Business and Economics building, which just seems to be a perfect place for him. This young professional is on his way to the corner office of a large marketing firm for sure. His attire is head to toe amazing and very well styled.

The most important thing that every young man should have in his closet is a blazer. His navy blue blazer from H&M is a versatile piece that can dress up any outfit for just about every occasion. My favorite part of this outfit is his use of layering under his blazer. Wearing a collar-like sweater over a white dress shirt and tie is perfection. It gives his look a somewhat relaxed and hip vibe, while still appearing polished. He also added specific pieces that gave his look pops of texture and interest. His paisley tie, corduroy pants and wing-tipped shoes all have their own little part to play in his outfit. They all add a taste of sophistication and show how much thought he put into such an effortless looking outfit. His look is very J.Crew catalogue worthy—and that says a lot!


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