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Brrrrrrr! Winter has officially settled in and freezing temperatures will make anyone want to just curl up at home under a warm Snuggie with a cup of hot cocoa. But if you do have to face the wintry weather outside, step out in style like a true Fashionista. Pulling off a chic look can be tough in the winter when one is forced to don lumpy coats and layers upon layers of clothes to keep warm, so look for outerwear pieces that display unique textures or patterning.

This Fashionista is battling harsh winter winds in her navy blue parka with its cute toggle button detail and faux fur trimmed hood. The faux fur trimmed hood on her coat is both fashionable and functional because it not only covers her face from the occasional brisk breeze, but also adds an interesting texture to her outfit. On her feet, she dons a pair of brown, military-style, leather boots to complete her tough winter look. As the final touch, this Fashionista's bright red gloves add a pop of color to bring interest to her outfit.

Become a winter warrior yourself with this Abercrombie & Fitch navy jacket. The faux fur trimmed hood similar to the one this Fashionista is sporting and will be sure to keep you warm. For a more feminine silhouette, this faux-fur lined trench coat from Urban Outfitters will keep you toasty while looking chic all the while. The belt adds shape to the coat so that your feminine shape won't get lost under a large mass of cloth. This weekend warrior look proves that even when the weather outside is frightful, your fashion choices don’t have to be!


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