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Scarves are the perfect fashionable accessory to add warmth and style points to an outfit. While fashion trends change from year to year, the long-standing practicality of scarves should not be underestimated. Scarves can provide cover in lieu of an umbrella, and the silk scarf wrapped around my camera protects it from the uncertain terrain inside my purse.

These sheets of fabric come in all shapes, sizes and textures. It seems that each year the creativity in scarf design grows from influences around the world. This Fashionista stood out on Wellesley’s campus in her bright red and beige pashmina scarf, which was a gift from a friend taking a trip to Pakistan. The floral detailed pattern of the cashmere blend creates a soft and elegant look. Culturally inspired patterns never lose their charm as we admirers are always intrigued by its origin and story. The traditional patterns in scarves continue to be a sophisticated style this fall, and detailing like the tassels on this Fashionista’s scarf makes each piece unique.

This season, make a change from your usual scarf regimen. Use your imagination in the way that you wear the scarf and explore the different styles! Many designers are stepping out of the zone of floral and chain-linked patterns to incorporate a fun edge in design — check out this llama-patterned scarf at Madewell! Who knew there were never ending ways to wear a single piece of fabric? The circle scarf demonstrates this versatility. I find the accompanying videos on American Apparel's website quite helpful, so I don’t get too tangled!


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