STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Unlikely Combinations

Style Advice of the Week

For those cold and dreary days of winter ahead it seems only natural to grab your sweats, school hoodie and comfortable shoes to ward off the cold. Suddenly during these months everything becomes about comfort and warmth over fashion. Don’t fall into that trap; there are so many different ways to incorporate color, fashion and warmth into your cold days on campus.
When I saw this Fashionista walking on campus I immediately was jealous of her long gray cardigan; it looked so warm but also was the perfect complement to her pink and lace dress. I loved the contrast between the two colors but also the contrast in textures. She found a way to bring her summer wardrobe into fall in an appropriate and subtle way, a great tool to use for breaking out of a boring, cold wardrobe rut that can happen. Don’t forget about your other clothes just because they aren’t long sleeved.

To complete the look she paired a versatile pair of boots which could be worn as over-the-knee boots with tights and jeggings for those bone-chilling days or could be worn simply as knee high boots. The heel height was practical for walking up the famous KU hills and sprints to class but also to add some drama when worn as over the knee boots.

It can be a challenge to be motivated to dress cute for class but don’t give up and wear shapeless sweats and unisex T-shirts! With a little bit of imagination and creativity you can create stylish, warm and comfortable outfits all year round, not just when the temperature is perfect.


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