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On top of my jam-packed schedule this term, I have yoga class smack dab in the middle of my busy days. Since I’m always pressed for time, I usually have to dress in my sportswear all day. It’s a challenge to look put together in exercise wear, and I’ve been putting a lot of thought lately in finding an ensemble that doesn’t look like I’m just coming from the gym, but is comfortable enough to work for exercise. I was so happy to spot this Fashionista sporting the perfect answer to my dilemma—a chic yet relaxed outfit, perfect for dashing in between school and yoga.

This week’s Fashionista wore a pair of fitted black pants tucked into high, structured riding boots. The first staple to an appropriate outfit for exercise is a pair of comfortable pants that preferably have some stretch to them. Recently, yoga inspired gear has become so popular, that it has carried over into everyday fashion. It is easy to sport a pair of yoga pants around town. There are so many companies now carrying figure flattering and comfortable yoga pants, such as Lululemon, Nike and Prana. My personal favorite are these by Lululemon, which are form fitting and tuck perfectly into my fall boots. As for shoes, since none will be worn in the studio, it is important to pick a comfortable pair that will fair well for a day walking to and from classes. Since it is cold and wet out, this Fashionista’s structured, high boots are perfect for trekking through the rain and soggy wet leaves around campus. On top, I usually pick something light and somewhat loose, such as a lightweight sweater. Our Fashionista chose a light sweatshirt style top with a front pocket. To keep warm, she accessorized with a navy infinity scarf, perfect for throwing on after a session. My favorite item, however, was her bag. Usually, I use this trusty strap to hold my yoga mat, but I find it cumbersome carrying my mat on one shoulder and schoolbag on the other. This Fashionista’s carrier was an awesome alternative to separately carrying a mat. Her messenger bag was large enough to carry a whole day’s worth of books and her yoga mat straps right in. I’m on the look out for one of my own, and I’m loving this option and this versatile one.

I know many students like me struggle with a hectic schedule and don’t have time to change in between classes, but also want to look put together and presentable for a day in and out of class. If you keep these simple guidelines in mind, putting together a stylish and cozy ensemble will be the easiest thing you do all day!


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