STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters

Style Advice of the Week

I bought my first ugly Christmas sweater during my first college Thanksgiving break. From that moment on, I wore it incessantly—to classes, while doing my homework and to my mother’s dismay to Christmas. To me, there was no greater joy of the holiday season than wearing my sparkly, pom-pom adorned Christmas sweater in front of the tree while sipping on some peppermint hot cocoa. But to my mother, my sweater’s appearance in the family picture was almost as horrifying as my cousin’s girlfriend of two months guest-starring role.

What my mother could not wrap her head around was my obsession with something so hideous. And to be honest, I did not really understand what spurred my obsession either. But I knew that I wasn’t alone. Originally, these ugly Christmas sweaters that had been the loathed present from a senile grandma or kooky aunt had gained a new role in the world of style and fashion.

How exactly they dramatically increased in popularity over the years is not quite certain. But today, there is nothing more likely to bring even the most designer-oriented Fashionista into a thrift store than the allure of the ugly Christmas sweater rack.

Fortunately for the Fashionista that does not like the idea of wearing someone’s used clothing, designers took these ugly Christmas sweaters as inspiration in their very own collections. Now, Christmas themed sweaters can be found in all your favorite stores from Urban Outfitters to J.Crew.

As we can see with the snowflake-adorned sweater of this Fashionista, these sweaters are a little less ridiculous than those pom-pom sweaters you would find at the Salvation Army. So even if you don’t feel like wearing the most absurd outfit ever, you can still show your holiday cheer.

To underline my obsession with holiday sweaters, I have to share with you that I bought yet another holiday sweater this Thanksgiving break. Instead of pom-pom’s, it has jackalopes that I had mistaken for reindeer. And for the third year in a row, I am having a great deal of trouble preventing myself from wearing it every single day. So give the ugly holiday sweater a try, it might just give you enough holiday cheer to get you through the finals and off to Christmas break.


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