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There is a sort of energy buzzing around campus this time of year. The kind that stems from the approaching break and students definitely are feeling the angst. At a time like this, people are in the mind set of go to class, go home, do homework, sleep, repeat. Only wanting for the week to finally be over and able to cross off a couple more days on their calendars. So, many people are keeping their outfits casual and easy, focusing their energy on getting through these final weeks. This Fashionista is interpreting a unique and classic style in a contemporary and casual way. Her look is easy for those busy days full of work and running around campus.

Her casual classroom attire has a tribal and hippie vibe to it. Tribal influences have been around for a long time and are seen in many different styles varying from hippie to more urban styles, as seen here on This Fashionista’s poncho from PacSun is something that many people could incorporate into their different style types. Its earth tones are what make this poncho somewhat quieter, compared to the traditional bright reds, blues and yellows of tribal patterns. That is why most people would be attracted to a look such as hers. Also, someone who is not afraid to wear large, bold prints is more suited for a piece such as this one. Pairing her chic poncho with a classic pair of blue jeans and boots adds the everyday ease of her look. Finally, her only accessory is the most interesting part of her look. Her simple hand piece is anything but simple. It adds a type of hippie edge to her look—and yes, I think I just made up a term.

All in all, for those who want to be comfortable for class but still look stylish—invest in ponchos people. Just kidding, but everyone should have some type big comfy outerwear to throw on over jeans or leggings. It has definitely become my go-to look. It creates a look that isn’t over done or over thought, just chic and simple.


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